Day 1. Chakra 1. MOVE!

Level One, Props Needed: none.

Affirmation: write this in the comments below! —->>> : I joyfully manifest the power of the universe!

Chakra Info: Root Chakra – earth, red, legs, grounding, nurturing, stabilizing

Yoga Practice: Tadasana, Warrior II, Warrior I

Tips: Press your feet firmly into the ground to stabilize your pose and to tune into the first chakra energy. Watch that your knees always point in the same direction as your toes.

Hack: To be powerful, we need to be able to receive. In your poses, ground-press-connect your feet to the floor or earth. Feel that you are drawing energy upward through your legs, into your spine and up to your brain. Feel it in the pose. Then anytime you need to feel nurtured and joyfully powerful, press your feet down (even if sitting down) and draw the energy upwards through your body all the way to the prefrontal lobes (forehead) of your brain.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Evan Iveson Evan Iveson Author