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About My Happy Path

My Happy Path is an online yoga studio offering engaging yoga, meditation and therapeutically healing classes that connect you to a happier, healthier YOU.

All classes are taught by highly trained Yoga Alliance certified teachers and IAYT certified therapists that collectively have over a century worth of experience.


As a member, you will receive access to enriching content that will enhance your life, help you engage in your highest potential and release aspects that are holding you back.

All of our teachers and therapists offer their own unique magic to help you be your best you, in all ways. Each My Happy Path teacher or therapist is specialized in helping you connect to that person you have always dreamed of being. It’s time to let your light shine.


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Yoga & Meditation have the greatest benefits when we give the gift to ourselves each day. Our teachers are here to help guide you…

The Benefits of Yoga Online


Remove the distractions of life. Find your place of quiet introspection that allows for personal expansion.


Our teacher’s years worth of experience and education is available to you anytime, anywhere.


In the midst of your busy life, our classes make giving yourself a daily dose of self-care as simple as enjoying a hug from a loved one.

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Top Rated 5 Star Yoga

I have been practicing yoga with Margui in Loreto for a few years now. It was the greatest gift for myself. I am very new to yoga and her instruction really makes you feel good in practicing the art of yoga. It improved my golf game and I am trying to be more conscious on keeping my back straight.

Wanda – Student
Top Rated 5 Star Yoga

Shanie is a wonderful yoga teacher. She guides us through the class with a balance of instruction and silence. The silence allows me to focus on the internal aspects of the practice. Shanie comes to us individually to make contact with a very healing spirit. I am very grateful for her openess and humanity.

Susan Bruno – Student
Top Rated 5 Star Yoga

Lainey is a gifted teacher and embodies the true essence of yoga. She is always welcoming, patient and kind and her classes are my favorite. I enjoy the positive messages she shares during class as well as the innovative music.

Margot – Student
Top Rated 5 Star Yoga

Michele is incredible to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and positive. She is very giving and caring, and has been a wonderful influence on my health and wellness. I gave her the highest recommendation and always look forward to our sessions together.

Michael Oliver – Student
Top Rated 5 Star Yoga

It’s my pleasure to offer my recommendation for Stefany Gregg as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). I’ve known Stefany for over 3 years. She’s always demonstrated responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve watched with interest as she’s pursued her interest in yoga. It’s truly inspiring to see her change people lives for the better.

Robert M. Chapman- Student
Top Rated 5 Star Yoga

Caroline LaFauci is definitely my favorite yoga teacher on St. Thomas. I have gone to many of her studio classes over the past couple years and I am always so inspired after each one. She has such a wonderful energy and positive presence and she really makes everyone in her classes feel so comfortable and supported. I have always noticed that Caroline finds a way to really connect with each student in such a personal way. I have really learned so much from her. I love that her classes are always changing, it keeps it so fresh and fun, while being so thoughtfully put together. She is always having so much fun teaching class and it really rubs off on everyone and energizes the whole class and creates such an amazing atmosphere.

Anonymous – Student

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