Sonali Dash

About Our Teachers

I am a Yoga teacher based out of Bangalore India. I received my Post Graduate Degree in Yoga Education from the esteemed Kaivalyadhama Institute Lonavala. I stayed in the ashram with my teachers for one year to ensure maximum immersion in Yoga.

I was inspired to take up Yoga as my full-time career, when I was training for a half marathon. Yoga was a big part of my training then. When I was convinced that Yoga was my way to go, I quit my thriving career in Management Consulting and got the necessary training to teach Yoga.

I focus on traditional style Hatha Yoga in my teaching. I design the sequence of postures depending on the clients’ personal goals. I also give Yoga Therapy sessions, targeted to the client’s health issues. Aside from this, I conduct workshops and retreats in different countries and cities,¬†spreading the knowledge of Yoga that I received from my teachers.

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