Lainey McMinn

About Our Teachers

Hello beautiful souls, my name is Lainey McMinn and I am a healer! My areas of discipline are yoga, meditation, and reiki. I fell head over heels in love with yoga the first time I tried it and the practice bled over into my passion for healing, happiness, and sharing those things with others.

Growing up, my life was in constant motion and it was always hard for me to ever feel truly grounded. My family had to fight to endure anxiety, depression, prescription pill addiction, and poverty. During my senior year of high school we moved away from my hometown to Oregon, the place I first experienced asana. The physical practice quickly became a means of finding stability for me; on my mat, I feel completely in tune with my body, emotions, and energetic state… I am able to be utterly myself. Yoga, meditation, and energy work made me feel so secure in myself and helped me to accept everything that had happened in the past. I started to feel grounded, even when my life seemed to thrash around me.

I have been devoted to developing, deepening, and sharing my spiritual practice ever since I first stepped onto the mat. I believe that everyone can benefit in some way from creating a personal yoga practice. I think yoga is a very personal art and practice that should not be based upon anyone’s standards or ideal form. Yoga should be a sanctuary that every person knows they have instant access to whenever they need it. Our world has a very, “No pain, no gain” attitude! I love telling my students, “It’s not about what a pose looks like, it’s about how it feels.” My motto is, “No pain, no pain.” Each pose is a chance to journey inward.

I can’t wait to see you on the mat! Namaste!

What My Students Say

Lainey is a gifted teacher and embodies the true essence of yoga. She is always welcoming, patient and kind and her classes are my favorite. I enjoy the positive messages she shares during class as well as the innovative music.


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