Josh Mont

About Our Teachers

I am a certified yoga & meditation instructor looking to make an impact on the way that the true yoga is presented to our culture and society. Our species is rapidly evolving to our highest versions of ourselves.

I hope to play an influential and creative role in this unraveling and unveiling process as these ancient teachings of truth become more and more prevalent in the West. To be able to spread these teachings, make an impact on anyone’s life and raise the consciousness of humanity through therapeutic, stress-relieving, ancient techniques is truly a blessing.

As yoga and meditation are more rapidly becoming recognized by the science and medical communities among many others, they are gaining more acceptance as a necessary spiritual, emotional, mental and physical hygiene. These practices are proving to be the only routes to true happiness and joy within ourselves. I’m looking forward to being a part of this inevitable uplifting process and serving you to reach your highest version of yourself!

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