Emily Weer

About Our Teachers

Emily Weer is a kind and loving teacher that has been sharing various forms of yoga since 2003 in studios, festivals, internationally and in nature.

Her desire towards exploring a sacred and healing path has also led her to practice Bodywork for over 22 years, playing beautiful Sound Healing Music, leading Kirtan, and teaching Tantra. Her life path of spiritual practices and time spent in nature weave into her unique way of sharing Yoga and the true essence of Bhakti.

Some of her influential yoga teachers include: Saul David Ray, Dawn Cartwright, Sianna Sherman, Jai Dev Singh, Nicki Doane, Sarah Powers and many more.

As an athlete and massage therapist, Emily has a deep understanding of the body and loves to blend in self awareness as well as alignment principles in her teachings.

You can check her website out at www.EmilyWeer.com and
Instagram: EmilyWeerlove
Facebook: Sacred Love Elixir
? Blessings and love to you all ?

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